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What cut of meats and poultry do you use in your souvlaki?

  • Quality Lamb Backstrap

  • Chicken Thigh

  • Pork Neck

  • Beef Knuckle

What is the best way to store souvlaki and how long do they last?

Being perishable products, we strongly advise that you store your souvlaki within 1hr after purchase. They can either be refrigerated up to 5 days or frozen for the following time-frames:

  • Chicken Souvlaki - 1 year

  • Quality Lamb Backstrap, Pork and Beef Souvlaki - 6 months

Please note: Quality lamb backstrap and beef souvlaki is to be frozen immediately, otherwise discolouration or freezer burn may occur.

How is your souvlaki prepared?

We receive our poultry and meats fresh, on a daily basis. Our souvlaki is trimmed, cut and stitched by hand by our dedicated team each and every day - ready for the public.

What type of seasonings do you offer?


Our chicken, lamb, pork and beef souvlaki are available in a Salt, Pepper and Oregano seasoning.


We also offer an additional seasoning for our chicken souvlaki, which is Lemon & Pepper.

The pepper used in our seasonings is very mild and suitable for children and those with sensitive stomachs.

Please reach out to our sales team if you require a special seasoning

Are your seasonings MSG free?

To cater to our customers with intolerances and sensitivities, we have now made the following seasonings free from MSG (flavour enhancer 621).


- Lemon and pepper

- Salt, pepper and oregano

Our Portuguese seasoning (exclusive to Kogarah) currently contains MSG.

Please note: We are in the process of updating our packaging which still states Enhancer 621 listed under the ingredients. Please be assured that our Lemon & Pepper and Salt, Pepper and Oregano souvlaki does not include this additive.


Do you have gluten-free options?

Yes we do. Our lamb, pork and beef souvlaki is gluten-free as standard. However, our chicken souvlaki is layered with bread-crumbs when packed. To request gluten-free chicken, please place your order with at least 24 hours notice.

Are your souvlaki halal?

Yes they are. Our lamb backstrap, chicken and beef souvlaki are all halal certified.



Can I have a mixture of souvlaki and seasonings in one box?

To avoid any cross contamination, we do not offer a mixture of meats in our boxes or trays. Our boxes are packed in set quantities of 24 and 48pcs per seasoning.

What are considered special orders and what is the lead time?

The following options are considered special orders and usually require a 24-48hr lead-time:

- Breast fillet chicken souvlaki
- Skinless chicken thigh souvlaki

- Kontosouvli (Chicken thigh, chicken Maryland fillet, leg of lamb, beef and pork)
- 8+ boxes of souvlaki in a single order


Can I purchase individual pieces?

The minimum amount of full-sized souvlaki that can be purchased is a tray of 6. However, please note that during our busy periods such as Easter, Christmas, etc - only pre-packed souvlaki (trays and boxes) are available to purchase.

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